Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A brand (NEW) book "NOW" available, courtesy of First Born Press c.2009.

(Idol Minds, Corrupt Innocent Notebook Pages c.)

"Volume # 1, by JJK III."

Underground paintings, graphics & cartoons "Never Die!!" They only begin to sprout (Razor Like Appendages) that consume all those who refuse to see the Irony behind them...

Cav. Graphix is Proud to present this entirely (NEW) intriguing project that spans over (2) decades of "more Underground, Obscure Cartooning!!" - - -

This "Artist's Anthology" is Semi Autobiographical in nature as well.

Fans & Admirer's of (Non) mainstream, more Anti-Establishment,Commix will definitely enjoy this full length feature & also acquire some "Insight" as far as what motivates "Low Brow, Outsider Artist's" such as Johnathan, also learn what it feels like to be disconnected from Anything contemporary, lastly to also stand alone, left only with a burning passion for creating "Naughty" work & thoughts of whether your always going to be, on the "Outside" looking "In...!!" - - -

(Idol Minds etc...) is (Now) available but, only by Cav.graphix & currently listed on the Artist's Blogsite...This book is offered for only ($11.95) which already "Includes" First Class Shipping!!

Send (All) book order requests to: 5125 Hector Avenue, Suite #312, Cleveland Ohio 44127.Send Cash, or make Check / Money Orders Payable to : Mr. John J. Kulka. Please wait (6-8) Business days, for your order/s to arrive.

(Contact with any book order related questions!)

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