Thursday, March 26, 2009

This was "Cover # 1" of a Full length Comic, for mature readers Only. Entitled: "For: Angel's Only! c."It was Created, Written for & Fully Illustrated by (JJK III) & has recieved allot of publicity in the past! Things started to fade into the shadows, after awhile...But, we're here to see that all Johnathans work not be in vain...

Enter into a world, dominated by the faithful & rebelious forces, which exist among the heaven lies, always manifesting themselves in the heart of nature & the mystical mysteries, wherever, realities "Uncertainty" can be found...

Not exactly the "Original" book description but just as intriguing, none the less...

This book is (Still) available & sold retail "Through us!!" There are "2" Covers of (Issue One) available!We're only mentioning the first one,what we "Still" have in print...

(Single) Comic Book Copies are only $4.95 & Copies signed in "Red Ink" are offered for only $9.95 & promises to be a "Treasured Collectible" for all those Captivated & Rivited by "Gothic Angel Drama" at it's best & (Only) available through Johnathan & Cav. Graphix, copyright 2009.

Send Cash, or make Check or Money- Order payments "All" to: John J. Kulka. at: 5125 Hector Avenue, Suite # 312 Cleveland Ohio 44127...Feel Free to contact us if you would like to view "Other" covers of this comic book!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to the Fantasy portion of Johnathans blogsite, as we introduce you to our "Full Color Catalog of 2009...!" Which includes (All) up to date merchandice. Including every (New) Limited-Edition Art Print, Gothic Angel Art Calendars, Eclectic Portfolios, Commix, New Tee-shirt Designs, Postcard "Collectible" Sets, Obscure literature, wood-carvings & much much more,...For only $2.00. - - - We sale retail & also make each & every "Limited Edition" unit of Merchandice available at "Wholesale" pricing... - - - Latley, we've recieved such an (Overload) of Current Catalog requests, we had no choice but to print more, & so we anxiuosly did so... (Send in Catalog request before 1/8/'09 & recieve Free gift as well, courtesy of Cav. Graphix!!)

Make check or money order payable to : John J. Kulka at: 5125 Hector Aveneue, suite # 312 Cleveland Ohio 44127. Please wait 4-6 bus. days to recieve this..."Thank you...!"

We "Gaurantee" your curiosities won't return void!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cav. Graphix would like to thank the following Businesses that either we have delt with within the last 20 years or Miscelanious Businesses, Services or Products, you may also find of some Interest...!
Brothers Boutique - "The Home" of Tobaccoo products & Tattooing supplies!!
Located at : 4117 East 71 st. Cleveland Oh. 44105 (216) 426. 0969

low Life/Art Gallery - A hang out & call to "Local" non local "Anti-Establishment Artists who would like to visit & or showcase their works... 16001 Waterloo Rd. Cleve. Oh. 44110 (1330) 671. 6123 "Culture Warlord" AKA - ( Dave Desimone ) - - -

A & A Comics - "Owner" Tony Sanna/ Turney Rd. Garfield Oh. 44125 (Taking orders Locally Only!!) - - - (216) 473. 7003 "long Live Spider Man!!"

"Others" in random order...

Almost Perfect * One Man's Treasure * Cloverleaf * The Mosh Pit * Final Run- Collectibles * Needful Things * Worksmart Inc. * North West Fashions * Gift Card- Express * Eastern Genuines * Got Graphix * The Vindicator * Blue Monkey Commix * NYC Sports * Work smart Inc. * The Chamber * CSU art buliding * The Doubting Thomas * Gallery 324 * Artist Review Today* The Cleveland Stater * Prospect Artscape '97 * Fill in the Blank!? * Biaxident * Open Casket * The Improv. * The Galleria * W.C.S.B. 89.3 F.M. Radio Station * * Wilshire Blvd. Suite # 200 Santa Monica, Ca. 90401 U.S.* -Artist:Carlos Cartagena's Agent:Tracy Crump-Coprighted Artwork is "For Sale!"* Cinema Wasteland-From aliens to zombies...-Specializing in Movie Memorabilia!-P.O Box 81551 Cleve. Oh. 44181.Catalog available for $3.00.Website is : < # is (1440) 891.1920* Capstone** Andy Johnson/Cosmic Monkey Comics-5335 NE. Sandy Blvd. Port OR. 97213/* Tates/Comics, Toys, Videos & Much more!!4566 Un. Dr. Laudehill FL.* or* or email***** Eclectix Gallery/ 10082 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrito 94530."Voted Best Gallery this year by...!"**** "Jenny Colby"* ** "Gary Taxali" 1 Wiltshire Ave. studio 107, Toront Can. m6n 2v7/(416) 651-3737* Elected Officials in "Praise" of /Current web info on info dealing w/ "Herb" related deaths/ compared to "FDA DRUG RELATED!" - Contraversial/Informative & much more...!!** Peter Krsko WAMU 88.5 Interviews w/ artists!! "NEW INFO!!" Dear Albus Cavus freinds!! - Win a FREE "Sketch-book!!"* Evan Harris** "Bomit" -"In her Imgaery, Casey is accessible,Creations are Biographical...Also past & (Present) themes continue to dominate!!** Colin Johnson Illustration/ 2514 Innsbruck Trail/ St. Paul, MN. 55112- p. 651.334.3535/ -"Pro. "Freelance Artist!"* "Prescription drug concerns, history/current issues facing us, etc... At : "Universal Health car topic!?" (NPR) Commentary. Man. editor can answer concerns ...* "Lee Roswell" (New) 'zine interview, can be viewed by contacting this party directly! Last call for Raffel!!* Jonathanlevinegallery(dot)com/"New" site launched today!!Please contact or* "Jonathan Levine Gallery Presents..." Live website/ Sat. June 27 th. (Solo Exhibit!!) - June 27 th. to July 25th. '09... Open. Recept. Sat. June 27 th., .... ( 7:00 to 9:00 pm!) - More info at :* "SOLO,ARTIST- EXHIBITS!!" New York Street Artists... (WK Interact & Invader) Opening - June 27 th./ From 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. "Artist's Books available as well...!!" Limited edition items!! - Check out more at :* "Cascade Wilhelm"* "Gary Taxali" 1 Wiltshire Ave. Stn. 107/ Toronto Ontario, Can. m6n 2v7 - "Illustration" - "Fine Art"* (Andrew) - Please visit, for dtails emerging on the "Los Angeles" Contempory Art scene & sneek a peek bhind the scenes of (Thinkspace!!)* "Brandon Dunlap" A terrific site of his is -* Sin in Linen - 4742 - 42nd. Ave. SW #243 Seattle WA. 98116 (206) 935. 2079 (Office)* "Rick Marr"* Colin Johnson July 12 th. 5th. Ann of ( Cash & Prize "Giveaways!!" - note from Man. Editor "Kamy Akhavan" Support us w/ (Tax Deductible Donation) - More info at (* "New Poster Art from " "Art of Emek" Jermain Rogers, etc... (Silkscreen Posters, New Stickers & Much More...!! - - - "Check 'em out!"* (Summer Murals/Events/Call for Art...!!) - Discover more by emailing -* Win original painting!! by "Lee H. Roswell." - Offer ends : 11:59 on Thurs. July 30 th. Drawing held 7 : p.m. Fri. July 31 rst. For more info -* "Chris Mars Publishing!" - World renowned visual surrealist & then some...The exhibits, exposays, interviews & much more..."This guy being talented, a complete understatement...." for more!!! This Thurs. July 23 rd. w/ Comicscon '09! (6:30 pm - 11:30 pm) at Wonderhouse 1400 Imperial Ave. San Diego 92113. Info at - * (Updated New Site!!!) - Also, original art for sale...Affordabley priced from - "Jesse Reno" curiousities can be met at - - "Studio sale - Workshop - New book & more...!!* How you can you live without or contacting for info...* Comics...Comics and more...!! "Metropolis Rules Baby!!"* "Labiek Studio!" - or check out - for "well worth info!!'* Johnathan Levine Pro. presents: (Summer Group Show!!) - at 8/5/ - 8/22, 2009 entitled: "Beack Blanket Bingo!! c.) Refere to adress listed above on other "lavine" Entries...!** "Mural Jam" Aug. 15 th. 10: 00 sunset9Rhode Island Shopping Center) "Peter Krsko"* Gallery Director FIFTY24SF gallery (415) 252 9155 FIFTY - check out - Oct. 1 rst. 7'9:30 p.m. move #19 / 248 Fillmore st. / Sf. ca. 94117. Contact (Linzy) for more...* or* "Lowering the drinking age...!!?" - Is this a good idea...?? - Contact : FOR MORE!!* Aug th. Artist : Mike Egan/Fine ART - fOLK art Oriented...Contact - * "Lorie Earley" - Artist, creative mind, etc... *

If (you) too, feel as if you fit into the criteria "Rejected by the maistream", by all means ---Feel free to contact me & inform me of whatever you want listed, described about you, your product, music, art, comedy, service & or business..."Thank You!!! - - -

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An (Unexpected) turn of events transpires...! All of a sudden, a make shift bed looses it's legs... A pillow Mete morphs into a Carnivorous "Den of Pleasure"And lastly, a bed sheet turns into a (Pool of Madness) as the "Magic Carpet Ride begins...!!"
It's "Unsuspecting" rider soon sores then Violently Plummets...(Heavens Salacious Hand) summons Naive Earthly Souls, into it's Encompassing Bliss then, without warning - - - The "Egg shell like Ego" once more resurfaces! Simultaneously a new Venture begins & all those aboard descend, not only beyond "The Outer Limits" but just overlooking, Hells new house of Romantic, Horrors...
Welcome to the land of - - - "Datura Dreams c." Enter a (Non fictional)world that opens (Doors) to the "Cerebral Cortex!" A Land that Captivates, as Mental awareness slowly fades, as were motioned in Opposing Directions.... As the (Two) Roads now "Merge", but unlike ever before & the Mirrored Image now Melting away Boldly Speaks...! - - -There is a Silent Howl residing within... Rearing yet another facade or awaiting the (Two) Worlds spontaneously "Merging" to identify the "Translucent" , Illuminating Faces abounding within, the Infinite Child's Bedroom of Blind Innocence...

(Datura Dreams c.) Is an "Upcoming" Nonfictional/First hand Account/Story!Written in the Authors VERY "Own Words!" - - - This book deals with the subject matter of (Holistic, Natural Based Hallucinogens...) Not only for purposes of revealing the Enigma within but, Utilizing (Mind Medicines) as well...Taboo elements Arise,due to the nature of the described Chemicals...Johnathan "Vividly" describes more then Several "Out of body/Mind Experiences!" Also concerns & important (Warnings) on "Self Exploration" into the Land of (No Certain Return...!!) This Book will not Only Entertain but, also it's a "No holds Barred" Raw Tale that Communicates Premises to the reader in layman's terms, rather then Complex Jargon, only a Botanist or Lab Tech. would be able to Decode...

(This Book Title) will be Available through "CAV. Graphix" & Published By : "First Born Press, Copyright 2009.The author is Johnathan J. Kulka III. Lastly, more info will be available, concerning "Datura Dreams c.", within the nearest future...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Please contact me by email if you would like to discuss any (band/music) or relative type advertisement art, I could possibly help out with...!"

(Here Are some music related Images & what not, OK ...)