Friday, February 27, 2009

Currently, Johnathan is (Hard at Work, creating as we now speak...They're 4-5 Books that are in the works & due within the (Next) 6 months or so...

Above all, is the "Autobiography" entitled: (Will work for Food but, Prefer Piece of Mind instead c.) It is an Original story or "Stories" based on the Starving Artist's life & (A Series) of life changing events that are still transpiring, as we speak!! - - -

(Johnathan's Quotes) - - - I have yet to complete my (Auto & have made attempts to get out the word in vain as no one will take it or my intentions seriously...A College related Interview w/ (WCSB, 89.3 F.M.) was put on "Hiatus" and ultimatley forgotten...I blame no one but, have steadfast determination, getting out the word & (Not) just for myself but for the millions of depressed, opressed &repressed persons who cannot & will not sacummbe to the strict guidlines & rigid spicifications that society has put over them...Their inability to cope has Not come from (Any) mental illness, lacking ambition or failure to become "Goal Oriented" in life... I shied away from sports as a kid, not for fear of what others may think or say but only because Iwas too buisy thinking of something (Only) I could pl ay & realized there wasn't a soul in sight who was able to tag along... When I discover (Another) whome has the potential to peer into a world I have become familiar with my entire Existance, I refuse to hold back the Cackling Cry or Righteous moan of Redemption...!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


"From: Inner External Visions! c." A Truly Eclectic journey, from the Poetry of No land's Misery & Lips of Agony to Blissfullness, caught within the blink of Midnights ravenous eye...
Of Saints & Sinners whome shriek...Dare i ask, which is which...??From the Righteous to utterly Profain...!!

Welcome, to Homosapien's (so called) current reality- - - Debauchery at it's very best but usually worst...Let us put hands together to bring in the new year & celebrate "Another" distasteful disheartening illusion for all caterac eyes to bare witness to...We'll remain Oblivious & keep the torch of (Self Deception) burning bright, waving hands for all to see. Temporarily captivated by cancer ridden diseases, lingering just behind midnights tranquil yet somewhat aprehencive & Solitary Sunrise...!!

For my stagnated pond of such lingering, the wheels "Only" appear in Juxtapozic motion yet the birds wing fails to flutter & all harmonies remain the same...Re-awakening, I recoil, discovering myself dripping pools of sweat & huddeld in that "Fetal-Like, position" with tender skin first carresed slowly then pulled tightly & snugly against this mornings naked, distraught Canvas frame... No eternal mystery nor enigma do i ever find...

World's of impatience trample these "Grapes of Wrath" yet motionlessness & frivelous notions of existance will remain...Like anyone could (Capture) the fearsome Dragon's breath or impale it's razor like Gruesome appendage.... My thought's only lead me to Dispear & Empires paving the way to more waste...!! I now juggle these tiny coffin nails that release endorphines and bid me a pleasant farewell to such worldliness greed... These templates of bissfull glory remain in the spirits of a derivitive or illedged "Magic Mushroom" - (Praised Pill) and that's what the fallen had sacummbe to...For when sanctified soliceness turns this bitter nightmares page and the "Final " scream is broadcast high on the Iffle Towers of no lands misery... I HOPE AN EAR WILL STAND THE TEST OF DEAFNESS & AN EYE CAN STILL CAPTURE IT'S LONLY RECLUSIVE MOONLIGHT...ONE STARTLING BREATH AT A TIME...By Johnathan J. Kulka III c.'o9

(Above, is a Poem listed within it's entirety from the (Soon to be) available book entitled : "From: Inner Enternal Visions c." Written by (JJK III) Acompanied with Insightful & Provacative Introduction by "Mr. Ian Taggert" & Edited by (Mary Allen Fransisco.) - - - Due Around : 5/1/'09. STAY TUNED FOR MORE BOOK RELATED INFO, DETAILS, POETRY & POSSIBLE LISTED REVIEWS!!