Friday, April 17, 2009

(Amanda the Avenger c. 2001)
Was another project I once "Independently" concieved of, that was (In fact) based on a real life person...Someone younger then myself but someone I also quickly grew in factuated with & couldn't have relationship with...
I didn't only create a full length comic about this individual but also did enough larger scale work, I had enough pieces, for an entire "Solo Exhibit!" lastly I wanted to compose a lengthy book, due to volumes of writing/poetry I kept working on...
This comic is available with (2) Distinct covers and offered as a (Limited Edition/Signed Item.) $5.95 are (Single) copies & "Only" $9.95 for (Both!) Shipping for (One) is $2.00 & for (Both) it's $1.50.
Contact me directly with any questions reguarding this project or whatever else is coming up on the "Johnathan J. Kulka/Cav. Graphix Blogspot..." Stay tuned for more info about...(Amanda the Avenger c.) & find out how to recieve a (Free) copy of it as well...Sincerely yours, Johnathan.

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