Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to the Fantasy portion of Johnathans blogsite, as we introduce you to our "Full Color Catalog of 2009...!" Which includes (All) up to date merchandice. Including every (New) Limited-Edition Art Print, Gothic Angel Art Calendars, Eclectic Portfolios, Commix, New Tee-shirt Designs, Postcard "Collectible" Sets, Obscure literature, wood-carvings & much much more,...For only $2.00. - - - We sale retail & also make each & every "Limited Edition" unit of Merchandice available at "Wholesale" pricing... - - - Latley, we've recieved such an (Overload) of Current Catalog requests, we had no choice but to print more, & so we anxiuosly did so... (Send in Catalog request before 1/8/'09 & recieve Free gift as well, courtesy of Cav. Graphix!!)

Make check or money order payable to : John J. Kulka at: 5125 Hector Aveneue, suite # 312 Cleveland Ohio 44127. Please wait 4-6 bus. days to recieve this..."Thank you...!"

We "Gaurantee" your curiosities won't return void!!

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