Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnathan is also a skilled Airbrush Illustrator & has used his many skills to "Customize" clothing as well...

Also, many creations have followed...Much work conceived of by Johnathan was "Added" to a (2008 Catalog) which contains artwork for "Limited Edition" Hand signed posters...As well as (Numerous) Limited Edition Merchandice...!This catalog is Available for only $2.00 & cash is"Refunded" with nominal purchase...Make all Cash, Check orMoney-Order Payments to: John J. Kulka, at: 5125 Hector Avenue, Suite # 312 Cleveland Ohio 44127.Please wait 4-6 days to receive your Full Colored Catalog...!!! Thank's Again...!

Stay tuned, as we periodically "Update" things for your viewing pleasure....Including a full line of Images!! Featuring Johnathan's Airbrushed Illustrations, specifically on (Teeshirts/Clothing!!) - - -Also, anyone requesting a "Custom" painted shirt or other item "Customized" Courtesy of Johnathan's Imfamous Artwork can Contact us by email 24 - 7, as we Promise to deliver a prompt responce without hesitation...Lastly, we (Donnot) believe in Censorship at all & will Oblidge all patrons, reguardless of what is being ordered...!! "Thank's Again...!!" Cav.graphix@yahoo.com

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